how to grow strawberries

  • when you first plant it, assuming you buy the seedline, make sure add enough water to it;
  • it likes sunshine, give it enough direct sunshines; this is why typically strawberries in the farm are growing better than in your backyards – it enjoys strong direct sunshine and open field;
  • it requires rich soils – that means it requires diversified nutrients. To provide this, you need to add a variety of nutrients to your strawberries browing bed – eggshells, leftover foods, and anything from your kitchen will help;

the best time to grow strawberries

This will be determined by the strawberry variety you’ve chosen, so read the label or consult the retailer from whom you’re purchasing the plants. This suits the first time you grow it. Assuming you collect the strawberries and seeds, then it could potentially vary depending on its growing environment.

  • Large fruiting varieties of strawberries are best planted in summer, usually in the second month of summer and at the latest, by the first half of the last month of summer.
  • Alpine strawberries are best planted during the second and third months of spring.
  • Perpetual strawberries can actually benefit from an autumn/fall planting rather than a winter planting, as this gives them more time to grow accustomed to the new plot and establish a healthy root system.

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